Hunky Dory menu prices

Hunky Dory menu prices

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Name: Hunky Dory menu prices


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Cuisine: Restaurant , Seafood

Listed on this page is the Hunky Dory menu for locations throughout Australia.

About the Hunky Dory restaurant

Hunky Dory is an Australian fish and chip restaurant that offers healthier seafood choices. The owner, Greg Robotics, came from a family of fishermen who also owns a seafood shop way back in 1927 in the Greek Islands. Greg helps his family in their fish and chip shop during school break, mainly catering to take-out. He noticed that it would be better if the customers can enjoy their food in a comfortable dining set-up, so he set up Hunky Dory in 2004. The shop screams freshness like the sea to the tabletop. Its goal is always to serve delicious and healthy meals to its customers. Hunky Dory has a nice variation of items that include salads, burgers, and wraps made of fresh seafood. Inspired by his grandfather’s 90-years experience in the fishing business, Greg knows how important freshness is to seafood. All the ingredients were carefully handpicked in the market and brought into the shop, where they will be processed into various dishes. Australian people loved the business that the simple fish and chip shop became a successful seafood chain.

Hunky Dory is most fit for seafood lovers. The restaurant serves grilled seafood that features distinct flavor and style from other places in the world. They have Japanese grilled fish that Japanese food fanatics will surely like. It would be best to try the seafood salad made of fresh squid, prawns, and fish with many spices to add flavor. Their Atlantic Salmon pack is perfectly seasoned; you don’t need sauce for it. It’s hard to find a healthy and delicious meal in one serving, but the Hunky Dory Grilled Fish and Grilled Calamari with their homemade herb mixture with a tasty salad on the side has it all. Their fish and chips are perfectly crisp and crunchy; you can’t stop once you pop. You can ask for an extra sauce; it’s for free. With its excellent service and proven fresh ingredients, Hunky Dory is a good place for a well-priced lunch or dinner.

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