Hungry Jack's Rebel Whopper Price

Question: What is the price of a Rebel Whopper at Hungry Jack's?

Answer: The cost of a Hungry Jack's Rebel Whopper is currently $7.70.

You can also purchase this menu item as a Meal Deal, which is available in a few different sizes. The price for each of these sizes is listed below:

  • Small Meal Deal: $11.10

  • Medium Meal Deal: $12.10

  • Large Meal Deal: $13.10

If you're looking for a new item to try at Hungry Jack's, this is what they're saying about it on their menu. Rebel Whopper features a patty made from plants, flame-grilled to give the irresistible smoky, BBQ flavour just like our classic Whopper. Loaded with crisp fresh lettuce, ripe tomatoes, onion, pickles, mayo and tomato sauce on a toasted sesame seed bun. Looking for a quick and tasty treat? The Hungry Jack's Rebel Whopper has got you covered. Head over to your nearest location and taste the deliciousness for yourself.

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