Hungry Jack's Piccolo Price

Question: How much is the price of a Piccolo at Hungry Jack's?

Answer: The cost of a Hungry Jack's Piccolo is currently $2.95.

This menu item is available in multiple different sizes, with the prices for each listed below:

  • Small: $2.95

Hungry Jack's latest menu addition has got me intrigued, and I wanted to see how they're marketing it. Stronger and smaller than a latte, our piccolos are rich, velvety and smooth and crafted by expert baristas using locally roasted and freshly ground beans alongside your choice of full cream, skim, soy, almond, oat or lactose-free milk. Is your stomach growling yet? If not, just wait until you hear about this tasty Piccolo from Hungry Jack's. Trust me, at this price you wont be able to resist running to your nearest location to try one for yourself.

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