Hungry Jack's Grill Masters Cowboy Angus Price

Question: What is the price of a Grill Masters Cowboy Angus at Hungry Jack's?

Answer: The cost of a Hungry Jack's Grill Masters Cowboy Angus is currently $12.15.

You can also purchase this menu item as a Meal Deal, which is available in a few different sizes. The price for each of these sizes is listed below:

  • Small Meal Deal: $15.55

  • Medium Meal Deal: $16.55

  • Large Meal Deal: $17.55

This new item on Hungry Jack's menu has piqued my interest, and here's what they're saying about it. Taking burgers to the next level with our Grill Masters range. Thick and juicy flame-grilled Angus patty, stacked with Double Bacon, Egmont Cheese, Smoky BBQ Sauce, Onion Rings, Mustard and Ranch Sauce on a toasted brioche bun. You can never go wrong with a classic Hungry Jack's Grill Masters Cowboy Angus. Its the perfect taste treat. Head to your local restaurant and give it a try today. You won't regret it.

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