Hungry Jack’s Vouchers [avail. until: November 2023]

Hungry Jack’s Vouchers [avail. until: November 2023] Australia

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Name: Hungry Jack’s Vouchers [avail. until: November 2023]

Cuisine: Deals , Hungry Jacks

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Check out the latest Hungry Jack’s vouchers which are available for you to use right now, and are valid all the way right up until November 2023.

This current batch of coupons you’ll find that there are x2 extra hot items with this batch of HJ vouchers and coupons. My personal recommendation is the x2 Whoppers for $11.95 deal – a perfect deal for you and your friend, that’s affordable enough to take advantage of regularly. (Note: the regular price for a single Whopper is currently $8.30 each / or $16.70 for x2. Therefore, this deal alone will save you almost $5!)

Having said that, if you’re looking to save some money with a multi item purchase, the x2 Ham & Cheese Toasties for $5.95 is also a top rated item this month and represents excellent value. Details of both of these deals are listed below.

Let’s take a closer look at the HJ coupons that are currently on offer:

There are some good savings right off the bat here, including:

  • Medium Iced Coffee … $3
  • Turkish Brekky Roll with Bacon & Egg + Hash Brown … $4.95
  • Ham, Cheese & Tomato toasties … 2 for $5.95
  • Chicken Royale, Small Chips + Small Drink … $4.95
  • Grilled Chicken, Small Chips + Small Drink … $8.25
  • 10 Nuggets + Large Chips … $6.95

If you’re a thrifter you should know that the HJ offers don’t stop there. Take a look at these other items where you can also score a deal:

This batch contains a few vegan and plant based burger options. The regular price for a single Vegan Whopper Cheese is around $8.50 (depending which store you buy it from), with x2 of these normally setting you back $17 in total. However when you use this months coupons, you can get two of them for only $11.95, representing a saving of more than $5.

Always popular are the Onion Rings, so it makes sense that there are x2 included in this latest batch of HJ coupons.

Alternatively, you can also download these Hungry Jack’s vouchers in PDF format if you prefer.

You can print these off and take them into your local store to get some great savings. To save these coupons to your local computer, simply use the Right Button on your mouse to select the image below, and then select the Save Image As … option, then choose a location on your computer (e.g. Desktop) to save the image to. From there, you can then print out the coupons, cut out the ones that you want and take them into your local store for some great Hungry Jack’s bargains.

Expiry Date: November 2023

These Hungry Jacks coupons include special offers and deals relating to:

  • Medium Iced Coffee $3 (normally $4.60)
  • Turkish Brekky Roll with Bacon & Egg and Hash Brown $4.95 (normally $5.50 + $2.25 = $7.75)
  • Ham, Cheese & Tomato Toasties – 2 for $5.95 (normally 2 x $4.50 = $9)
  • Chicken Royale, Small Chips, & Small Drink $4.95 (normally $3.50 + $2.60 + $3.20 = $9.30)
  • x2 Whoppers for $11.95 (normally $16.70)

One of the best parts of these current HJ Coupons is that (unlike previous versions) these are now also valid in Western Australia !

(Unfortunately, they are still not valid in Tasmania for some reason?)

To score yourself one of the HJ Deals, all you need to do is request the offer at the time when you place your order in person at your local store. The HJ Staff may request to see the coupon if they’re not familiar with it, so be sure to have it ready on your phone in case they ask for it. If you run into any issues, just politely ask to speak with the Store Manager – I’ve done this myself on multiple occasions and it’s always been enough to secure the deal.

Happy HJ thrifting everyone!

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