Hokka Hokka menu prices

Hokka Hokka menu prices

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Name: Hokka Hokka menu prices

Website: http://hokkahokka.com.au

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Cuisine: Asian , Chinese , Take Away

Hokka Hokka serves a variety of delicious Asian food. The Hokka Hokka menu features stir fry noodles as a firm customer favourite.

Hokka Hokka menu prices

Listed below are the latest menu prices that you can expect to pay at a Hokka Hokka restaurant.

  • Noodles – 1 Topping + any x3 veg = $13.90
  • Noodles – 2 Toppings + any x3 veg = $15.90
  • Chicken Laksa = $13.90
  • Beef Laksa = $13.90
  • BBQ Pork Laksa = $13.90
  • Prawn Laksa = $15.90

Details about the Hokka Hokka menu

Hokka Hokka has been serving up its unique fusion of Malaysian, Singaporean and Thai cuisine to Australian customers since 1987, a testament to the incredible international appeal of their Asian-style recipes developed by their kitchen team over the years. With dining areas reminiscent of the local food courts found in Singapore or Malaysia, simply walk in, find a spot on one of the benches arranged in the open dining area, and order your choice of stir-fry, fried rice or soup noodle at the counter. It’s fast, simple, tasty and healthy fare. Hokka Hokka’s tagline promises “Premium Asian Food since 1987”, and it certainly delivers on that front. With various locations in Canberra, Sydney and the Gold Coast, it’s easier than ever to know where to go should you get a craving for some South East Asian dishes.

Hokka Hokka’s menu is customizable enough to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters. Their biggest draw is the “Design Yourself Noodle Bar”, where you first pick between three types of noodles: stir-fried noodles, soup noodles or Laksa, a spicy Malaysian soup noodle dish made with a hearty coconut cream soup. Pick one or two toppings from a list of twelve, which offers various chicken, beef and pork options as well as seafood and vegetarian choices, then decide which vegetables you also want to add to your dish. Apart from this noodle bar, they also offer fried rice and stir-fry sets served with white rice. Everything is freshly cooked to order, and the different combinations you can try are endless! Don’t be intimidated by the huge number of choices though; no matter what you pick, Hokka Hokka’s menu is designed to taste great regardless.

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