Hog’s Breath Cafe menu prices

Hog’s Breath Cafe menu prices

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Name: Hog’s Breath Cafe menu prices

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Cuisine: Family , Restaurant , Steak

Hogs Breath Cafe is one of Australia most well known and loved family restaurants. The Hogs Breath menu is best known for it’s delicious and affordable steaks, which are their signature dish due to their unique 18 hour slow cook process. Listed on this page is the Hog’s Breath Cafe menu for locations throughout Australia. The menu is broken down according to the following categories: Starters, Wraps, Salads, Grill, Chicken, Burgers, Seafood, Steak, Childrens, and Desserts.

Menu Item Price (AUD)


Garlic & Herb Bread $7.95
Cheesy Garlic & Herb Bread $8.95
Cherry Tomato & Feta Bruschetta $11.95
Menu Item Price (AUD)


Avocado & Almond Wrap $7.95
Crispy Chicken Caesar Wrap $14.95
Mexicana Chicken Wrap $15.95
Menu Item Price (AUD)


Rawslaw House Salad $9.95
Caesar Salad $11.95
Beetroot & Bacon Salad $14.95
Menu Item Price (AUD)


200g Sirloin Steak $22.95
200g Rib Fillet Steak $23.95
300g Rib Fillet Steak $30.95
250g EyFillet Steak $35.95
Menu Item Price (AUD)

Prime Rib

Natural Prime Rib $31.95
Blackened Prime Rib $31.95
Hickory Smoked Prime Rib $32.95
Menu Item Price (AUD)


Hawaiian Chicken $24.95
Avocado & Honey Mustard Chicken $24.95
Avocado & Bearnaise Chicken $24.95
Menu Item Price (AUD)


Veggie Burger $14.95
Cheese Burger in Paradise $15.95
Crispy Chicken Burger $15.95
Menu Item Price (AUD)


Pan-Roasted Fillet of Salmon $26.95
Pan-Roasted Fillet of Barramundi $26.95
Hoggies Fish & Chips $24.50
Menu Item Price (AUD)


Triple Chocolate Mississippi Mud Cake $9.95
Vanilla Creme Brulee $9.95
Sticky Date Pudding $9.95
Menu Item Price (AUD)


Kids Crumbed Flathead $9.95
Kids Chicken Nuggets $9.95
Kids Cheese Burger $9.95

About the Hog’s Breath Cafe restuarant

Hog’s Breath Cafe is an international restaurant chain and franchise with its roots in Australia. It was originally founded in 1989 by the visionary Don Algie and Ginger White where they opened their first steakhouse in the seaside town of Airlie Beach, North Queensland. Seeing how the customers were overjoyed by their delicious food, in 1990, they initiated another outlet in Mooloolaba. Ever since its outset, Hog’s Breath Cafe has been evolving with more outlets and creative menu updates. They now have over 50 outlets in Australia and few others in New Zealand, Singapore, and Thailand. In 2018, Hog’s Breath Cafe partnered with third-party delivery companies, and customers can now order and enjoy their food at the convenience of their homes. Looking ahead, Hog’s Breath Company is ambitious to expand its global footprint into other Asian countries as well as Europe, and North America. With the unique culture it shares, Hog’s Breath Cafe is more than just a steakhouse, it has become a way of life.

Hog’s Breath Cafe specializes in delicious and succulent steak. Complementary to their signature steak dishes, Hog’s Breath Cafe offers a lengthy menu to choose from with a staggering range of chicken and seafood options, burgers, wraps, pasta, salads, and even special kids’ meals. All their dishes are freshly made to order with ingredients sourced from local farmers. Relish the mind-blowing tenderness and flavor of their Prime Rib Steaks that come in three sizes, with a choice of two sides from fries, mashed potatoes, wedges, and more. For the optimum savor, you can incorporate some steak sauce into your feast. Try out their delicate desserts that include puddings, mud cakes, and sundaes, and do not miss out on their delightful coffee and hot drinks. Hog’s restaurants take an informal setting with a friendly and vibrant ambiance. It is more like a party atmosphere with so much joy and spirit. With walls covered in paraphernalia and memorabilia, Hog’s Breath Cafe gives you an unforgettable dining experience. This is the go-to-go place for anyone looking to unwind while having a great meal with family and friends.

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