Guzman Y Gomez Cheese quesadilla Price

Question: What is the price of a Cheese quesadilla at Guzman Y Gomez?

Answer: The cost of a Guzman Y Gomez Cheese quesadilla is currently $4.50.

I had to try this new menu item from Guzman Y Gomez, and according to them, it's a real treat. Here's what they say about it. Tricky to pronounce but oh so easy to eat, Quesadillas are the toastie of Mexico! We take a flour tortilla and sandwich your favourite fillings inside with Jack cheese, then grill it to melted perfection. Available as both Quesadilla and Quesadilla Plus! Looking for a quick and tasty treat? The Guzman Y Gomez Cheese quesadilla has got you covered. Head over to your nearest location and taste the deliciousness for yourself.

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