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Grill’d menu prices

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Cuisine: Burgers , Fast Food , Take Away

Grill’d is an Aussie take-away franchise that features flame grilled burgers as the central product on their menu. The Australian Grill’d menu features beef, chicken and plant-based burgers. The quality of the meat, and the fact that its cooked over a grill, means that Grilld burgers are both delicious and healthy for you as part of a balanced diet.

For the latest Grilld menu prices, please check the details below. Note: these are the most up to date menu prices current as at August 2022.

Beef Burger prices

Simply Grill’d $11.50
Crispy Bacon & Cheese $14.00
Almighty $15.50
Nourish & Flourish $15.50
Summer Sunset $14.50
Mustard & Pickled! $14.00
Chilli Addict $15.50

Chicken Burger prices

Sweet Chilli Chicken $13
Zen Hen $13.50
Simon Says $14.50
Hotbird $15.50
Bird and Brie $14.50
Caesar’s Palace $14.50
Kicken Chicken $14.50

Lamb Burger prices

Mary’s Kebab $15.50
Baa Baa Burger $15.50

Wagyu Burger prices

Wagyu Wunder $16.90
Sir Truffle $16.90
Bonfire BBQ $16.90
Emperor $16.90

Plant Based Burger prices

Beyond Vegan Cheeseburger $15
Garden Goodness $13.50
Vegan Garden Goodness $13.50
Field Day $14.50
Mite-y Mushroom $14.50
Beyond Simply Grill’d $14.50
Beyond Garden Goodness $15.90
Beyond Chipotle $16.50
Beyond Simply Grill’d Vegan $14.50
Beyond Garden Goodness Vegan $15.90

Information about the Grill’d take-away franchise

Grill’d set out with a mission to overturn the conventional image of burgers being unhealthy fast food. With the first store founded in 2004 by Simon Crowe, the burger franchise has over 138 stores in Australia today and remains focused on using high quality, 100% locally sourced real ingredients in its signature burgers, with everything on the Grill’d menu claimed to be free of “artificial BS, bloating and bad feelings”. And the chain’s commitment to higher standards don’t just stop there: each Grill’d restaurant donates $500 in total to three different local Australian community groups each month, with customers able to vote on which group receives the bulk of this donation each time they make an order. Grill’d locations offer dine-in, takeaway and delivery, so try out this premium fast food alternative today! You’ll be helping out the local community while chomping down on some amazing burgers.

The Grill’d menu is simple. You have your sides, with several different types of chips made from sweet potato, regular potato or zucchini and also deep-fried chicken bites. There are salads, like the Chicken Caesar salad and slightly more exotic Chickpea and Sweet Potato Salad. And of course, there are the signature Grill’d burgers, with a huge list of over 20 different varieties and three different types of bun. Patties can be made from Beef, Lamb, Chicken or even Wagyu, which is a premium variety of beef much juicier and more flavorful than your conventional cow. Get the Sir Truffle burger if you’re feeling fancy, which pairs a wagyu patty with aged cheddar and truffle mayo, or settle for a Simply Grill’d if you just want a satisfying, classic beef burger. The chain also offers a huge selection of plant-based burgers, with patties made from mushrooms, vegetables and Beyond Meat, perfect for vegans.

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