Gloria Jeans menu prices

Gloria Jeans menu prices

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Name: Gloria Jeans menu prices


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Cuisine: Cafe , Cakes , Coffee

Gloria Jeans are one of the largest and best known coffee franchises in Australia. You can view the Gloria Jeans menu in convenient locations all around Australia.

Listed on this page is the Gloria Jeans menu as well as current 2021 pricing information.



Over Ice Classics

Italian Sodas

Hot Chocolate

Fruit Chillers

Food On The Go

Espresso Chillers



Gloria Jeans menu and prices

Gloria Jean’s Coffees is an American retail café that was founded by couples Ed and Gloria Jean Kvetko. It was incepted in 1979 in Chicago, Illinois. She started her café in a small town called Long Grove, and then the business eventually boomed and grew to over 50 outlets in the United States alone. However, Gloria Jean’s Coffees have experienced great success outside of the country—this is in Australia, to be exact. The opportunity came in 1995 when former directors of an advertising firm named Peter Irvine and Nabi Saleh suggested the idea of selling franchises in Australia. And then, in 1998, it came into fruition when the coffee shop brand opened its first outlet in the Land Down Under. The business rapidly grows, and it has established 185 stores in just a matter of six years! As of today, Gloria Jean’s Coffees is among the top destination for people looking for quality caffeine beverages and delectable pastries.

When you enter one of their outlets, what you’ll notice first is the soothing wood grain and dark brown aesthetics of the premises. The café’s ambiance is definitely a place to be if you’re looking for an area to relax and release your stresses of the day. To uplift your mood even further, they also offer a large variety of caffeinated drinks, sandwiches, and pastries that will surely brighten up your day! Some of its bestsellers on the Gloria Jeans menu are the Sugar Cookie Latte, Irish Crème, and Mudslide Whole Bean, all of which garnered a five-star rating on Yelp. Aside from coffees, they also have a list of sodas and fruit chillers that is perfect for a hot sunny day. Like its competitors, you can also purchase the beans if you prefer making the coffees in your home. You can buy them either from any of their outlets or the company’s official website. According to its patrons, Gloria Jean’s Coffee’s biggest draw is its quality of service that is comparable to more popular coffee shops.

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