Getta Burger menu prices

Getta Burger menu prices

The team at Getta Burger are serving up some spectacular burger creations. There’s something here for everyone, from your standard Beef Patty Burger, right through to Beef Brisket and Pulled Pork burger varieties. The Getta Combos are also popular with Aussie burger lovers, they’re great value and available with most of the burgers on their menu. They also have vegetarians covered with a good selection of Plant Based and Vegan burgers available.

My personal favourite from my last visit here was the Getta Smoke Stack, which had it all going on for me – smokey beef, bacon, onion rings and all that other good stuff. Highly recommended. Feeling hungry yet? Check out the full Getta Burger menu with prices below:

Getta Burger menu with prices

Beef Patty Burgers

Getta Cheese12.5
The Getta Burger13.9
Getta Junior Beef10.9
Getta 'Lot'15.5
Getta Filthy16.9
Getta Mr. Mustard17.5
Getta BBC22.0

Getta Smokehouse Series

Getta Smokehouse12.5
Getta Smokey Classic13.9
Getta Smoke Stack16.5

Beef Brisket Burgers

Getta Boss15.5
Getta Beef Brisket14.5
Getta Cheesy Brisket15.5
Getta Pulled Pork Combo19.9

Pulled Pork Burgers

Getta Pulled Pork12.9
Getta Pig Out15.0

Chicken Burgers

Getta Grilled Chicken14.5
Getta GFC15.9
Getta Southern Cheese14.5

Getta Combos

Note: all Combos come with: burger, small fries, & a can of drink(included)
Getta Burger Combo19.9
Getta Smoke Stack Combo23.9
Getta Filthy Combo23.9
Getta Lot Combo22.9
Feeling Extra Hungry? Go LARGE for $2 extra
Large = upsize to Regular size fries + 600ml drink
+ $2

BBQ Melts

Getta Pulled Pork BBQ Melt12.0
Getta Beef Brisket BBQ Melt14.0
Getta Patty Brisket BBQ Melt13.0

Plant Based

Getta PB Cheese (V, VG)14.5
Getta PB Crispy (V, VG)16.5

Loaded Fries

Getta Filthy FriesReg: 10.5 / Lge: 14.5
Getta Cheeseburger FriesReg: 10.5 / Lge: 14.5


Getta Fries - Small / Medium / Large4.90 / 5.90 / 7.90
Sweet Potato Fries - Small / Regular5.50 / 8.50
Mozzarella Stick1.5
Onion Rings8.5
Dipping Sauces
Ranch, Mayonnaise, Garlic Aioli, Chipotle, BBQ, Tomato Relish, Tomato Sauce


Fried Chicken5.5
12 Hour Smoked Beef Brisket6.0
Pulled Pork5.5
Filthy Mix5.0
Grilled Chicken5.0
Plant Based Patty5.0

Thick Shakes


Kids Options

Getta Nugget Box9.9
Getta Junior Beef10.9
Getta Junior Chicken12.0