Gami Chicken menu prices

Gami Chicken menu prices

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Name: Gami Chicken menu prices


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Cuisine: Beer , Chicken , Korean

Gami Chicken is one of the best know Korean fried chicken restaurants in Australia. The Gami Chicken menu allows diners to choose 1 or 2 chicken flavours for their chicken dishes – this is available as a side serving or as a coating to the chicken itself. Note: all of the fried chicken dishes come with a delicious pickled radish and cabbage flavoured coleslaw.

Gami Chicken menu prices

Listed on this page is the Gami Chicken menu for locations throughout Australia.

Fried Chicken:

  • Whole Chicken = $35
  • Half Chicken = $19.50
  • Boneless Chicken = $35
  • Half Boneless Chicken = $19.50
  • Gami Wings – 8pcs = $13
  • Gami Wings – 12pcs = $16.50
  • Chicken Spare Ribs = $14.50

About Gami Chicken

Gami Chicken embarked on its journey in 2006 when Jun Lee and three of his best friends, together opened their first restaurant in Carnegie. But their story dates back to 1996 when they were all college students and were pondering over what they could do about their lives while having a beer. After completing studies, two became chefs and two became IT professionals. A decade later when they met each other again, they realized that their competencies in both food and business could be merged together to create a flourishing business. Three years down the line, in 2009, they opened another store in the Melbourne city center. Their objective was to introduce Korean fried chicken to Australia. The four friends were ambitious to serve the customers with distinctive flavors to give them a one-of-a-kind dining experience. So, they named their business “Gami” which means beautiful taste in the Korean language. Today they have over 20 stores and Gami Chicken continues to expand its wings to serve more customers with their incredible dishes.

The Gami Chicken menu specializes in Korean cuisines. Their signature dish, Korean fried chicken has an exquisite flavor, with well-balanced crispiness and moistness. This unique taste is achieved using a special frying powder made by Gami using a set of locally sourced herbs and few other ingredients. At Gami, there’s a lot to satisfy your chicken craze, from whole chicken to boneless chicken and wings. To enhance the taste, choose among their sauce flavors from sweet chili to soy garlic, and spicy. Pair your crunchy chicken with a specially brewed Gami beer, cocktails, or Korean liquor. They also serve soft drinks and some Korean drinks. If you are a seafood lover, try out their seafood pancake and soup. Gami also has gluten-free options like green salads and a range of veggie options like corn cheese, Gami chips, cheese sticks, and potato wedges. Gami Chicken has a casual setting. But, what’s special about them is their culture of sharing, which is similar to the food culture in Korea. So, Gami Chicken is the ideal place if you are looking to have a great time with the best buddies.

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