Frangos menu prices

Frangos menu prices

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Cuisine: Chicken , Portuguese , Restaurant , Steak

Frangos is famous for their succulent and tasty Portuguese style charcoal chicken. The Frangos menu features delicious chicken burgers brushed with their famous chilli sauce, or you can opt to have it without if you like.

Frangos menu prices

Listed on this page is the Frangos menu for locations throughout Australia.

Chicken Burgers:


BBQ and Steaks

Click here to download the complete Frangos menu in pdf document format.

About Frangos restaurant

Frango Charcoal Chicken was founded as a family business in 1992. They opened their first store in Petersham, Sydney—an area considered the heart of the city’s Portuguese capital. From its inception up to the present, the Fernandes family has taken care of the business by providing good food and quality services. Frango is a popular food destination in Sydney, all thanks to its famous chicken burger and charcoal chicken. In fact, their chicken burger was even included in the top 10 best burgers of Sydney, while their charcoal chicken was featured many times in Food Safari, SMH Good Food Guide, and Daily Telegraph. Also, they haven’t changed their recipe, and the secret ingredient and preparation of the sauce were passed down from generation-to-generation. What this means is that you still get the same flavors as they were always best known for during their early years. However, it was said that the secret recipe is basically the infusion of traditional cuisine from Angola and charcoal technique from Portugal.

Frango’s main restaurant is located at 98 New Canterbury Road, Petersham, Sydney, New South Wales, 2049 Australia. But they currently own three more establishments around the city—Gregory Hills, Bella Vista, Penrith, and Smithfield. As soon you enter their store, you will be greeted with friendly staff and a relaxing ambiance. Their menu offers various items that include burgers, barbecues, and Portuguese and European cuisine. Frango’s original Portuguese chicken burger is primarily made of freshly baked soft white buns, Piri-Piri chili sauce, and marinated chicken breast fillet. You can request a double fillet if you like. As for the add-ons, they use cheese, tomato, shredded iceberg lettuce, and mayonnaise. The ingredients used in their Piri-Piri chili sauce is a family secret that they hand down to the new generation of the Fernandes family. Lastly, the restaurant offers both dine-in services and takeout orders for people who are on-the-go and want to enjoy Sydney’s beautiful city.

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