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Dosa Hut Menu prices

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Cuisine: Indian , Take Away

Dosa Hut has the pride of being the pioneers in introducing genuine South Indian cuisines to Australia. It was founded by two visionaries Praveen Indukuri and Anil Kumar Karpurapu who shared a strong passion for Dosa. They were both studying telecommunication in Australia when an idea struck them to start a restaurant. Back then, they could hardly find any quality Dosa in Australia and had to travel long distances to fulfill their cravings. They wanted to fill this void and started their first Indian restaurant, Salaam Namaste. With the experience gathered, three years later in 2007, they initiated Dosa Hut in Footscray. It soon captured the hearts of Australian foodies with its unique flavors and affordable prices. Currently, Dosa Hut has its presence in 23 locations across the country. Each year, they serve more than 7 million customers. Ever since its humble beginnings, they have kept on upgrading their menus with new cuisines taking Dosa Hut to the next level.

Dosa Hut is the fastest-growing Indian restaurant franchise in Australia. They boast the largest collection of dosas in Melbourne with over 90 varieties to choose from. They have a series of eggs, schezwan, uttapam, spring roll, and rava dosas. What’s noteworthy is their array of long dosas that come with chicken, lamb, and veggie curries. Their menu also features snacks, fried rice, noodles, omelets, and biryani. The Dosa Hut menu features classic Dum Biryani and Indo-Chinese fusion dishes which are a must-try. Savor the exquisite flavors of their exclusive dishes like paratha and idly. If you love street foods, it is worth giving their street chaats a try. For desserts, they serve Indian delights like gulab jamun and ras malai. When it comes to drinks, you can taste masala tea, mango lassi, or salted lassi. To give you the best, Dosa Hut has gone an extra mile in sourcing only the A-grade ingredients. Mingling South Indian lifestyles with the Australian food culture, Dosa Hut gives you a one-of-a-kind dining experience. This is the go-to-go place to get your Indian food cravings fixed.

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