Dopa Donburi and Milkbar menu prices

Dopa Donburi and Milkbar menu prices

On this page we are featuring all the latest Dopa Donburi and Milkbar menu items and prices. Also known as Dopa By Devon, this restaurant serves up some of the tastiest and most innovative Japanese cuisine in Sydney. The latest Dopa menu includes all the usual suspects that you would suspect from a top-quality restaurant like this one, including: egg and vegetable don, chicken & pork don, beef don, seafood don, as well as soba salad. They currently have x4 locations in they Sydney region.

Below we present a sample of the items that you can expect to see on the Dopa menu. For the very latest menu items and prices, please give your local Dopa Japanese restaurant a call directly. My favorite dish when I visited here recently was the Wagyu Beef Don (with a MBS score of 7-9), delicious and very affordable at only $23 per serve.

Dopa Donburi and Milkbar menu with prices


Free Range Chicken Don$14.00
Double Chicken Don$21.00
Wagyu Beef Don (MBS 7-9)$23.00
Matcha Shake$7.90
Grilled King Salmon Don$21.00
Murasaki-imo Shibuya Toast$15.90


Pork Gyoza$9.50
Salmon sashimi (S)$11.50
Salmon sashimi (L)$16.50
Karaage Chicken$9.50
Seaweed Salad$4.50
Agedashi Tofu$6.50
Beef Tongue$18.50

Egg and Vegetable Don

Scrambled Egg Don$9.00
Veggie don$13.50
Double Veggie Don$20.50

Beef Don

Wagyu Cheeseburger Don$14.50
Angus Beef Don$17.00
Double Angus Beef Don$24.00
Wagyu Beef Don (MBS 7-9)$23.00
Beef Tongue Don$23.00

Chicken and Pork Don

Free Range Chicken Don$14.00
Double Chicken Don$21.00
Karaage Don$14.00
Pork Katsu Don$17.00

Seafood Don

Salmon Sashimi don$19.00
Grilled Toothfish Don$33.00
Unagi Don$26.00
Grilled King Salmon Don$21.00

Curry Don

Cheeseburger Curry Don$16.00
Chicken Curry Don$16.00
Pork Katsu Curry Don$19.00
Beef Tongue Curry Don$26.00