Daniel’s Donuts menu prices

Daniel’s Donuts menu prices

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Name: Daniel’s Donuts menu prices

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Cuisine: Desserts , Donuts

Daniel’s Donuts offers customers delicious donuts. The Daniel’s Donuts menu features both old and new creations to enjoy and share. Their speciality is the unique tasting NZ Style Fresh Cream & Jam donut. They also cater for vegans and those requiring gluten-free donuts as well. You can buy a single donut for only $3.50 (the range changes frequently), or you can buy a box of 6 donuts for the special price of $15.

Daniels Donuts menu prices

Menu Item Price (AUD)


Single – NZ Style Fresh Cream and Jam donut $3.50
Single – Apple Custard donut $3.50
Single – Nutella Caramel Popcorn donut $3.50
Single – Nutella Filled donut $3.50
Assorted (ambient) donuts x6 $15
Assorted (refrigerated) donuts x6 $15
NZ Style Fresh Cream & Jam donuts x6 $11.90
Gluten Free donuts x6 $15
Vegan donuts x6 $15

Assorted Donuts (refrigerated)

Fresh Cream and Jam Donuts

Gluten Free Donuts

Vegan Donuts

About Daniels Donuts

Daniel Donuts is a well-known doughnut store in Melbourne, Australia that started operating in 2016. The famous doughnut house has become the go-to place for anyone who loves donuts, pies, coffee, and other sweets. Daniel Bartalotta, the owner bought his their old family bakery in 2015, named it Daniel bakery, and changed the entire menu with his own creations. Daniel always loves baking as a child. He helps his parents in their bakeshop where he is in charge to bake a croissant. Every night he will bake donuts and spend the night glazing sugar and icing the doughnuts to be sold in the morning. Customers are already anticipating what kind of doughnuts Daniel will serve for the day. Daniel Donuts has 20 assorted flavors to choose from when it started, now it has almost 40 varieties. Most popular flavors include salted caramel, cherry pipe, peanut butter, fresh cream, and the controversial Nutella donuts. It has become so crazy that there was a reported shortage of Nutella because of the high demand for Daniel’s Nutella donuts.

Aside from the original doughnut flavors, Daniel did not stop making new creations like the cookies and cream, passionfruit cheesecake, and the Snickers Custard. They also have Mars pods called “podnuts” that come in raspberry, Twix, Mars, and Snicker flavor. The custard-filled donuts, jam-filled donuts, and cinnamon donuts are their bestsellers. They also have novelty flavored donuts of bubblegum and butterscotch. Daniel Donus has vegan donuts for vegetarian customers, with no egg and dairy on the dough and toppings. Vegan donuts have classic glazed, jam-filled, jam and cream, custard, and cookies and cream. They also have gluten-free donuts that come in flavours of classic jam, chocolate iced, and white chocolate raspberry. People line up outside the donut stores to grab a bite and experience the flavourful donuts even if they have to wait 45 minutes to 1 hour to get their order.

In Store Photos

Store Locations

There are currently 14 Daniel’s Donuts store locations, with all of them currently being in and around Melbourne, Victoria.

  • 600 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC, Australia 3000 Ph: 03 9614 1761
  • Shop L011149, 120-200 Rosamond Road, Maribyrnong VIC, Australia 3032
  • 124 Millers Road, Altona North VIC, Australia 3025
  • 2/20 Koornang Road, Carnegie VIC, Australia 3163 Ph: 95475950
  • 1341 Dandenong Rd, Malvern East VIC 3145, Australia 3148
  • 5 Main Street, Point Cook VIC, Australia 3030
  • 819 Princes Highway, Springvale VIC 3171, Australia 3171 Ph: (03) 9547 5950
  • 175 Maroondah Hwy, Ringwood VIC, Australia 3134
  • 1435 Plenty Road, Mernda VIC, Australia 3754
  • 1085 South Gippsland Highway, Cranbourne North VIC, Australia 3977 Ph: 0472656835
  • 64 Newcombe St, Portarlington VIC, Australia 3223 Ph: (03) 5259 2845
  • 37 McCombe St, Rosebud VIC 3939, Australia
  • 85 High Street, Belmont VIC, Australia 3216
  • 7958 Goulburn Valley Hwy, Kialla VIC, Australia 3631

Information about the Daniel’s Donuts menu

Daniel’s Donuts was born out of the ambition of a young child, who developed a strong passion for decorating donuts after watching his mum in the kitchen. As a teenager, Daniel Bartalotta assisted his dad with their family bakery at Hogans Corner from making croissants and danish in the night to frying them, sugar coating, and icing the donuts in the morning before going to school. It was his experience and excitement as a child that paved the way for what Daniel’s Donuts is today. Originated in late 2016, the flagship store of Daniel’s Donuts is situated in the city of Springvale, in Melbourne. Since then, they have extended their presence with 10 stores around Melbourne plus their recently initiated stores in Cranbourne. From their humble beginnings, the unparalleled commitment to serving the customers has taken them a long way with their first Drive-Thru store established in Belmont. They have also embarked on a home donut delivery service taking the fresh delights to customers’ doorsteps. Every week, Daniel’s Donuts serves thousands of people and they are forever evolving with their innovative recipes.

Daniel’s Donuts is mostly famous for its New Zealand style fresh cream with jam donuts and the Nutella donuts. But they also offer a staggering range of over 40 varieties of donuts, mouthwatering pies, and delicious shakes. With a variety of distinctive flavors to choose from including salted caramel, raspberry, cherry ripe, and lemon meringue, there is something to suit every palate. Experience the unique Daniel’s vibe while you enjoy their extremely light and meltingly fluffy donuts. Their amazing selection of donuts is not limited to the refrigerated and ambient range. They also have a vegan and gluten-free range catered to vegetarians and health-conscious customers. If you are looking for a family feast, check out their collection of assorted packs. Pair your donut with a milkshake made with real ice cream and milk for the perfect savor. Beyond just food and shakes, Daniel’s Donuts offers a lifestyle. So, if you are chasing after sweets, here is the best place to satisfy your cravings.

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