Crust Pizza menu prices

Crust Pizza menu prices

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Name: Crust Pizza menu prices


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Cuisine: Italian , Pasta , Pizza

Crust is a well known pizza shop operating in most states throughout Australia. The Crust menu features top quality pizzas with unique and interesting toppings.

Crust menu prices

Listed below is the complete Crust menu, with latest price information current as at 2021.

Classic Pizza menu:

Menu Item Price (AUD)
Prosciutto & Rocket $11
Hawaiian $11
Capricciosa $11
Peri Peri Beef $11
Roast Chicken & Bacon $11
Classic Margherita $11
Spinach & Feta $11
Classic Pepperoni $11

Note: the prices listed above are for the 11″ Large size. The 13″ XLarge size are all $14 each in this range.

Signature Pizza menu:

Menu Item Price (AUD)
Pulled Pork & Slaw $20
Moroccan Lamb $20
Truffle Beef Rossini $20
Mediterranean Lamb $18
Meat Deluxe $18
Pepperoni $18
Crust Supreme $18

Note: the prices listed above are for the 11″ Large size. The 13″ XLarge size are all from $21-$23 each in this range.

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About Crust pizza

Crust is a leading pizza chain in Australia, founded by two visionaries, Costa Anastasiadis and Michael Logos. Starting a pizza business was a hard decision that Costa had to take. In his teenage years, he was a talented football player and wanted to pursue his career as a sportsman. But things didn’t happen in his favor. The hotel business run by his family got bankrupted. His parents got into debt and even had to sell their house. As the eldest child in the family, Costa had no other choice but to find a way to make a living. So in 2001, he rented out a small space in Annandale, which is a suburb of Sydney. Even though his initial idea was to start a deli, he ended up making pizza because he had some knowledge which he had gathered while working at his parent’s hotel. From the inception, Crust manufactured quality pizza by sourcing the finest ingredients. It won the hearts of customers by giving them the best value for money. Together with Michael, Costa took the business to the next level. Today they have over 100 stores in different parts of Australia and have intentions to expand beyond Australia to Asia and the USA.

The Crust menu is well known for its delicious pizzas and fast and efficient customer service. They offer an array of pizzas, salads, sides, pasta, and desserts. All their pizzas come in two sizes, 11” and 13”. In the classic range, you get Hawaiian, Capricciosa, and Margherita. Their signature pizzas come in all options including chicken, pork, lamb, prawns, beef, and even vegetarian. You can even try out their pasta, Carbonara, and Bolognese. For sides, guests can have garlic bread, chips, or some chicken wings. If you are on diet, check out their low-carb options. Crust also has a set of gluten-free options and a kids menu. For dessert, you have a choice of brownies, cheesecake, and mousse. When a customer places an order, they ensure that the pizza reaches their doorstep, both hot and fresh. What’s surprising is Crust does not have a rigid formula in making pizzas. Instead, they craft all masterpieces out of instinct. Crust has arranged their stores in a boutique style with a consistent design across all their locations. Their stores share a casual vibe where people can relax while enjoying great pizza. They have created a culture of togetherness through pizza. Crust is more than just pizza, it’s an experience.

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