Chimek menu prices

Chimek menu prices

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Name: Chimek menu prices


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Cuisine: Chicken , Fast Food , Korean , Take Away

Listed on this page is the Chimek menu for locations throughout Australia.

Chimek menu prices

The Australian Chimek menu contains the following features items. Please check below for latest prices current for 2021:

  • Smokey BBQ & Cheese chicken = $12
  • New York Hot Buffalo chicken = $12
  • Dak Gang Jeong chicken = $12
  • Honey Soy Sesame chicken = $12
  • Tennesee Bourboun chicken $12
  • Gochujang chicken $12
  • Chicken in a cone = $7

About the Chimek menu

Located in the heart of Perth, Australia, Chimek commenced its journey in 2015 with an ambition to serve something beyond traditional cuisine. The name “Chimek” has been derived from the two words “Chicken” and “Mekju” which stands for beer in the Korean language. Chimek was founded by the JRM Partners Pty Ltd. Its co-owner Chef Jimmy Soo and his passionate team has mingled American and Korean flavors to craft succulent delicacies with an eccentric fare that are heartily embraced by many customers. Chimek’s food truck-style popup stalls located in the Fremantle Markets of Western Australia helped them to gain popularity in the industry. Their restaurant in Northbridge now serves an extensive range of quality dishes and beer. Chimek has broadened its presence to Vic Park and Southern River serving many customers from across different cultures. Fried chicken and a collection of beer blended with an urban lifestyle create a unique ambiance at Chimek like no other.

The Australian Chimek menu has reshaped the food industry with its exclusive array of “East meets West” flavors. Their signature Black Charcoal Beef Burger and the Korean Bulgogi burger are sure to impress you. They have a range of beef and crispy chicken burgers with different flavors to satisfy the cheese lovers and spicy cravers. The extraordinary selection of add-ons like tomato, pickles, jalapenos, lettuce alongside their cheese and garlic dipping sauces will certainly take your burger to the next level. For a quick on-the-go bite, check out their choice of sides from chili cheesy chips to jalapeno poppers, and beer-battered chips. Chimek has an inclusive menu with something for everyone, including a bevy of vegan options like crispy vegetarian burgers, potato fries, and cheese sticks. For dessert, customers can order some waffles and brownies which are served with ice cream. Evolving to the trends, they have introduced a set of combos for a delighted family feast. Chimek is the go-to-go place for anyone who aspires to feast on chicken and beer with a new twist.

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