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Chatkazz menu prices

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Cuisine: Indian , Street Food

Listed on this page is the Chatkazz menu for locations throughout Australia.

All about the Chatkazz menu

Chatkazz is the home of authentic Indian street food and drinks located in the famous Harris Park in Western Sydney. The restaurant is 100% vegetarian that serves the traditional Indian snacks and street food that you find only in the streets of Mumbai. The owner, Dharmesh Rangparia, was originally from India, working as a tax accountant in Sydney. Other restaurants offer Indian food, but what he misses the most are snack foods that he always ate while growing up. Rangparia has a passion for cooking, as he was taught by his father when he was still a child. He cooks during family gatherings or usual nights with friends, and they all suggest he open his restaurant because he cooks well. That is what inspired him to open Chatkazz in 2013 to serve freshly made Indian cuisines like you are in the streets of Mumbai. The Indian-inspired restaurant was making a name in the food industry nominated for Savor Australia Awards for Excellence in 2017.

Chatkazz never stops exploring new things to serve its customers. At present, they have more than 200 dishes, all vegetarians with the perfect sweetness and spiciness just what Indian food should be. Rangparia is aware that most people are not so aware of Indian food they have a hard time ordering. He trained his staff to go the extra mile and spend more or less ten minutes explaining and suggesting what items on the menu to order. It is advisable to order different dishes for each person if you are with a group to taste everything. They have Mumbai Roadside Specials and Bombai Chinese dishes that taste fantastic and will make you love Indian food once you try it. Chatkazz is heaven for vegetarian food, the best that you can find amongst the many Indian restaurants in Harris Park. The place is always busy, so you have to go there a little earlier.

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