Cataract On Paterson menu prices

Cataract On Paterson menu prices

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Name: Cataract On Paterson menu prices

Address: 135 Paterson St, Launceston TAS 7250

Phone: (03) 6331 4446


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Cuisine: Fine Dining , Restaurant , Steak

Cataract On Paterson is a well known restaurant located in Launceston, Tasmania. The Cataract On Paterson menu features Lunch and a Dinner variations. The dinner menu features a selection of premium steaks and meat dishes.

The page details below contains the Cataract On Paterson menu prices, current as of March 2021.

Menu Item Price (AUD)

Lunch Menu prices

Turkish Bread $9
Cataract Bread $10
Tasmanian Oysters (each) $3
Tasmanian Oysters – Natural x12 $32
Tasmanian Oysters – Kilpatrick x12 $32
Soup $13
Tempura Mushrooms $18
Chicken Caesar Salad $18
Salt and Pepper Calamari $18
Vegetarian Stack $18
Prawn Linguini $20
Chicken Sandwich $18
Open Steak Sandwich $18
Fish and Chips $20
Seafood Platter for 2 $45

Dinner Menu prices

Pork Cutlet $27
BBQ Pork Ribs $25

Lunch Menu

Dinner menu

About the Cataract On Paterson dining experience

The term cataract may seem a bit off and unappetizing. But no, the name has nothing to do with an eye disease. The restaurant is located near a popular tourist destination called Cataract Gorge, which is on Paterson Street—hence, the restaurant’s name was termed. Cataract on Paterson was founded in 2013, and it was the brainchild of Stuart and Karen Burbury. They are farmers from the Southern Midlands of Australia with the intention of establishing a restaurant promoting locally-grown crops, especially Tasmania. Another unique concept shared by the founders is that every decoration and furniture you’ll see inside tells a story and has a special meaning to the people of the area and the Burbury family. Also, aside from earning profits, the founders advocate contributing to the community. In fact, they organized a fundraiser in 2015 that they’ve called “Giving Back,” which raised over $165,000 as a result. As of now, Cataract on Paterson only has a single restaurant, and that is the one located at 135 Paterson Street, Launceston 7250 Tasmania.

You will be greeted with a warm welcome from their staff once you enter the restaurant. Its interior design is a blend of modern and classical decor. Within the Tasmanian area, they are well-known for their modern Australian, Seafood, Steak, and contemporary cuisines. If you’re trying to lose weight or maintaining a healthy lifestyle, they also have vegan and vegetarian options on their menu. The Cataract on Paterson menu and cooking method features a technique referred to as Stonegrill. It involves cooking the meat under 400° volcanic stone. Aside from tenderizing the meat, the high-temperature allows natural juices to flow that enhance the flavor of your meal.  But what makes this experience unique and memorable is that the cooking is done at your table! Also, their establishment is wheelchair accessible and has booster seats available for individuals with their kids with them. They offer both casual and private dining for corporate events or family occasions. For example, the seating capacity in the private area can hold 5 to 150 guests. On the other hand, it can accommodate up to 350 guests if you’re hosting a cocktail party.

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