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Last Updated: April 2024

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Famous Star with Cheese-
Super Star with Cheese-
Western Bacon Burger-
Double Western Bacon Burger-
The Big Carl-
Low Carb-
Note: Combos include Small Fries & Drink-
Note: Go Large+ $2

CARL Burgers

Carl Burger-
Big Carl Burger-
Really Big Carl Burger-

ANGUS Burgers

Original Angus Burger-
Double Original Angus Burger-
Guacamole Bacon Angus Burger-
Portobello Mushroom Angus Burger-
Jalapeno Angus Burger-
Hawaiian Angus Burger-


Chicken Fillet-
Big Chicken-
Chicken Fillet BLT-
Western Bacon Chicken Fillet-
Hawaiian Chicken Fillet-
Chicken Tenders - 3pc-
Chicken Tenders - 5pc-


California Classic-
Veggie Star with Cheese-
Double Cheeseburger-


Natural Cut Fries-
Waffle Fries-
Chili Cheese Fries-
Onion Rings-
Chicken Salad-
Side Salad-
Chicken Star Nuggets - 3pc-
Chicken Star Nuggets - 6pc-
Chicken Star Nuggets - 10pc-
Chicken Star Nuggets - 20pc-


Ice Cream Milkshakes-
Ice Cream Sundaes-
Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich-