Carl’s Jr. menu prices

Carl’s Jr. menu prices

Take a look at the latest Carl’s Jr. menu with prices. Since landing in Australia, this hamburger chain from the USA has become a popular choice for local Aussie burger lovers. It was originally founded by Carl N. Karcher in 1941, and now has hundreds of locations in the USA and around the world. This restaurant chain was introduced to Australia back in 2016 and there are now more than 30 stores located in States all around AU.

A feature of their menu is that all of their burgers are char-grilled, which gives them a unique smokey taste that is absolutely delicious. They are also well known for have regular deals and offers which can be great value for money. Below you will find the latest Carl’s Jr menu prices applicable for store locations throughout Australia. Let us know in the comments section below how these prices compare to the Carl’s Jr store in your local area.

Carl's Jr. menu with prices


Famous Star with Cheese-
Super Star with Cheese-
Western Bacon Burger-
Double Western Bacon Burger-
The Big Carl-
Low Carb-
Note: Combos include Small Fries & Drink-
Note: Go Large+ $2

CARL Burgers

Carl Burger-
Big Carl Burger-
Really Big Carl Burger-

ANGUS Burgers

Original Angus Burger-
Double Original Angus Burger-
Guacamole Bacon Angus Burger-
Portobello Mushroom Angus Burger-
Jalapeno Angus Burger-
Hawaiian Angus Burger-


Chicken Fillet-
Big Chicken-
Chicken Fillet BLT-
Western Bacon Chicken Fillet-
Hawaiian Chicken Fillet-
Chicken Tenders - 3pc-
Chicken Tenders - 5pc-


California Classic-
Veggie Star with Cheese-
Double Cheeseburger-


Natural Cut Fries-
Waffle Fries-
Chili Cheese Fries-
Onion Rings-
Chicken Salad-
Side Salad-
Chicken Star Nuggets - 3pc-
Chicken Star Nuggets - 6pc-
Chicken Star Nuggets - 10pc-
Chicken Star Nuggets - 20pc-


Ice Cream Milkshakes-
Ice Cream Sundaes-
Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich-