Burrito Bar menu prices

Burrito Bar menu prices

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Name: Burrito Bar menu prices

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Cuisine: Mexican , Restaurant

Listed on this page is the Burrito Bar menu for locations throughout Australia.

Burrito Bar menu prices

Listed on this page is the Burrito Bar menu for locations throughout Australia.

All the prices are current as of 2021.


  • Mexican Fries = $3.45
  • Sweet Potato Fries = $4.45
  • Guacamole & Corn Chips = $8.95
  • Chilli Con Carne = $12.95
  • Jalapeno Poppers =$7.95


  • Grilled Chicken burrito = $10.95
  • Pulled Pork burrito = $10.95
  • Vege burrito = $10.95
  • Chilli Beef burrito = $10.95
  • Crispy Fish burrito = $10.95
  • Slow-Cooked Pulled Beef burrito = $11.95
  • Naked burrito = $12.95

Signature Burritos:

  • Ultimate Mexican burrito = $11.95
  • Fajita Chicken burrito = $11.95
  • Philly Cheesesteak burrito = $11.95
  • Tender Marinated Steak burrito = $11.95
  • Skinny Chicken burrito = $11.95

About the Burrito Bar dining experience

Established in Brisbane, Australia in the year 2011, Burrito Bar is a Mexican-inspired restaurant chain. It was founded by the renowned entrepreneur Luke McGrath who had a strong passion to serve fresh and vivid food. Taking the gist of Mexican street foods, Burrito Bar has developed unique recipes with a gamut of flavors and varieties. Soon after its inception in 2011, Burrito Bar opened restaurants in Rosalie and Broadbeach. Within a couple of years, they have expanded their wings throughout Australia with more than 30 outlets to date. In 2020, they inaugurated their first Drive-through in their Burrito Bar located in Griffin. They also introduced a mobile app to streamline the ordering process for their customers. Going forward, Burrito Bar is keen to scale up its operations beyond Australia to international markets such as New Zealand, India, and the Middle East. While Burrito Bar is adored by customers for its reliable and quick service, it is their diverse and wholesome menu that makes them stand out from other Mexican restaurants.

The Burrito Bar menu serves street-style Mexican foods with a new twist of modern flavors. It features an extensive menu that ranges from quick snacks and take-aways to full-course dine-in options. At Burrito Bar, you have an incredibly wide choice of tempting burritos, nachos, quesadillas, tacos, tortas, enchiladas, salads, and sizzling fajitas. Whether you are a seafood fan, a steak lover, or a vegan, you can find ample options to treat yourself with. Add some extra toppings and spice up your bite with some salsa, or BBQ sauce. Complement your dish with a Beer, Margarita, Tequila, Wine, or a Cocktail. They also serve mocktails, juices, and soft drinks, and a range of toothsome desserts. Burrito Bar has a casual dining ambiance where people flock with their families and friends to have a fun time. They have adorned the interior of their outlets with full mural street graffiti style designs. Combined art with unique store concepts, Burrito Bar gives you an exquisite dining experience. If you are looking for a place to socialize while having perfect tasting food and authentic beer, Burrito Bar is the perfect destination for you.

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