Burger Urge menu prices

Burger Urge menu prices

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Name: Burger Urge menu prices

Website: https://burgerurge.com.au

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Cuisine: Burgers

Burger Urge is a chain of restaurants specialising in delicious burgers made from quality ingredients. A favourite from the Burger Urge menu is the Big Boppa burger which includes cheese, free range egg, pineapple, beetroot, red onion, tomato, lettuce, and hickory BBQ sauce.

Burger Urge menu prices

Listed below are the current Burger Urge menu including updated 2021 prices:

Beef Burger menu:

Menu Item Price (AUD)
Boston Cheese $11
Beef, Bacon & Cheese $13
New Yorker $13
El Diablo $14
Big Boppa $14
No. 45 $15
The Double $15

Grilled Chicken Burger menu:

Menu Item Price (AUD)
Bryon Chic $12
Hotel Cali $13
Southern Fried $12
Waikiki Classic $14
Thicc Chicc $17
The Sizzler $17

Plant-Based Burger menu:

Menu Item Price (AUD)
Vegan Cheeseburger $13
Bad Boy Chi Chi $14
Herbivore $16

Salads menu:

Menu Item Price (AUD)
Big Farmer $16
Soylent Green $14

Kids menu:

Menu Item Price (AUD)
Mini Beef Burger + chips + juice $9
Mini Chicken Burger + chips + juice $9
Mini Vege Burger + chips + juice $2
Mini Chicken Tenders + chips + juice $9

Extras menu:

Menu Item Price (AUD)
Keto Bun $1.50
Gluten-Free Bun $1.50
Swap Meat for Plant $0.00
Double Meat $4

Photos of the in-store menu

Details about Burger Urge restaurant

Burger Urge is a burger chain in Brisbane that began in 2007. The Brothers and Queensland University of Technology alumni Sean and Colby Carthewchain own the burger store in a small local restaurant  Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley. The two grew up in a small family business, and as a child, Sean has a vision of himself having his own business someday. He only knew the real property and didn’t have any experience in the food business. His brother and business partner, Colby, had hospitality management experience. That was the start of the now-famous burger house. At present, Burger Urge has more than 27 outlets in Australia, with its main office in New Farm Australia. The burger chain has grown into a known burger brand from a simple burger joint that it now operates on the franchise. The Burger Urge menu concentrates on burgers with witty and catchy names. If you are an American in Australia and you crave the American taste, Burger Urge is the place for you. They made the best-tasting American food you can find.

Burger Urge’s menu has a wide array of burgers, chicken dishes, salads, and side dishes like fries and chips. Vegan food options and gluten-free food items are available for people who are on a strict diet. They also have mini-burgers for kids with small appetites. One of their burgers named Big Momma’s Kentucky Fried Waffle, is a unique one. Its bun is a Belgian waffle with fried buttermilk chicken, crispy bacon, melted cheese, sriracha mayo & lettuce placed at the bottom to prevent the juice from dripping. Some of the menu’s popular dishes are the ones with delicious and juicy Angus beef, chewy and tender grilled chicken served with its appealing homemade dipping sauce. Lately, the burger joint launched new burgers and named it Donald Trump and Mrs. Clinton’s Chipotle Chicken, which intrigued many of its customers. Overall, Burger Urge is a good place with huge serving, great location, relaxed atmosphere, and affordable quality foods.

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