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Last Updated: May 2024

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Black Star Pastry Watermelon Cake

Watermelon Cake - single slice$11
Watermelon Cake - small cake$36
Watermelon Cake - large cake$55

Mango Yuzu Cake

Mango Yuzu Cake - single slice$11
Mango Yuzu Cake - small cake$36
Mango Yuzu Cake - large cake$55

Lemon Pistachio Cake

Lemon Pistachio Cake - single slice$11
Lemon Pistachio Cake - small cake$36
Lemon Pistachio Cake - large cake$55

Zen Cheesecake

Zen Cheesecake - single slice$11
Zen Cheesecake - small cake$36
Zen Cheesecake - large cake$55

Orange Cake with Persian Figs

Orange Cake with Persian Figs - single slice$6