Betty’s Burgers menu prices

Betty’s Burgers menu prices

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Name: Betty’s Burgers menu prices


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Cuisine: Burgers , Restaurant , Take Away

Bettys Burgers & Concrete Co is a burger joint serving up a delicious selection of burgers, fries and desserts. The Bettys Burger menu offers a full range of burger creations starting at their Classic burger right through to the Noosa Classic Surf which is one of the most popular items on the entire menu.

Bettys Burgers menu prices

Listed below is the full Betty’s Burgers menu with prices. Note: this menu photo was taken at the Bondi Junction Westfield store during March 2021. Please get in touch for any updates you notice to these prices.


  • Brunch Burger = $9
  • Betty’s Classic $10.50
  • Bare Betty = $10.50
  • Betty’s Deluxe = $15
  • Betty’s Double = $16
  • Noosa Classic Surf = $17
  • Crispy Chicken = $11.50
  • Crispy Chicken Supreme = $15
  • Spicy Chicken = $15
  • Shroom Burger = $14
  • Betty’s Classic Vegan = $12.50


  • Angus Beef Patty = $5
  • Crispy or Grilled Chicken = $5
  • Bacon = $4.50
  • Lightly Battered Prawns = $7
  • Shroom Patty = $6
  • Vegan Bun = $2.50
  • Egg or Pickles = $2
  • Cheese = $1


  • Betty’s Garden Salad = $10
  • Add Crispy or Grilled Chicken = + $5
  • Add Bacon = + $4.50
  • Add Lightly Battered Prawns = + $7

Kids Menu:

  • Kids Beef Burger = $7.50
  • Kids Chicken Burger = $7.50
  • Crispy Chicken Strips = $7.50
  • Hot Dog = $7.50
  • Kids Croncrete = $5

About Betty’s Burgers restaurant

If you’re looking for a place to eat, unwind, and enjoy the amazing view of the coastal lines, then Betty’s Burgers is the best place to be. The burger shack was only founded in 2014. Although the restaurant is relatively new, they are fast-growing and already established 19 more stores in the span of about seven years. Some of the places where you’d find Betty’s Burgers include areas around Queensland, Victoria, New South Wales, and South Australia. Betty’s progressive growth is due to its delicious and world-class burgers and team members that are dedicated to providing excellent customer service. And what makes their burgers exceptional from the rest is that they don’t take shortcuts and always aim for quality over anything else. The ingredients used in their burgers and other dishes are fresh. And it is for this very reason that they have become very popular with tourists and local beachgoers in the area.

As mentioned, each burger served as part of the Bettys Burger menu is made of fresh ingredients. Some of the restaurants’ bestselling burgers include Betty’s classic beef burger, bare Betty, and crispy chicken burger. They also have Betty’s Classic Vegan for individuals on a diet or trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. You can also pair your delicious and juicy burgers with their popular concrete creations and other items on the menu that include crispy lettuce, fries, mushroom patty, chocolate milkshakes, and thick shakes. They also offer casual drinks like soda and sparkling water and serve alcoholic beverages such as beer and wines. Aside from their burgers, the aesthetics of their burger shack is something worth taking note of. Unlike a typical burger shack, the atmosphere at Betty’s emits an aura of elegance and serenity—almost like a classic 50’s vibe, if you will. Their burgers and other items on their menu are affordable, which is about $40 for two people and without alcoholic beverages.

Allegen Information

The following allegen information has been made available on the Betty’s Burgers website and is also available here to download: Bettys Burger Allergens Information.

Photos of inside the Store

Betty’s food is not only delicous and fun to eat, but their store layout and design is really enticing as well. Take a look at the following user submitted photos to get an accurate feel for what some of the Betty’s Burgers stores look like. Note: the following photo is of their Westfields Bondi Junction store in Sydney, NSW.

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