Bella Brutta menu prices

Bella Brutta menu prices

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Name: Bella Brutta menu prices

Address: 135 King St, Newtown NSW 2042

Phone: (02) 9922 5941


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Cuisine: Italian , Pasta , Pizza

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About the Bella Brutta restaurant

Are you sick of the traditional pizza that almost tastes the same wherever you go? Bella Bruta, an Italian word for “beautiful ugly” has the best-tasting unconventional pizza you’ll ever have. Chef Luke Powel of LP’s Quality Meats and his partners from Porteni is serving a ridiculous looking yet terrific to the taste kind of pizza. It’s not as thin as the Neapolitan or as complete as New Yorker, but it has the perfect thickness of the crust, a little burnt dough, and perfectly seasoned. The pizza place was located in King Street in September 2018. The 50-seater resto is pretty relaxing with its large bar and a wood-fire oven visible to customers. Powel has been experimenting with different styles and flavors to eat and experience pizza that cannot be found in other pizzerias. Chef Powel makes his pizza the way he likes it, combining Italian and Australian flavors to satisfy the Australian people.

Bella Bruta is the home of the deliciously and beautifully crafted pizza. Their toppings are like a combination of everything you like but with a twist that makes it interesting. Have you tasted a pizza with a clam? If you don’t, you should try the sensation of Clam Pizza that has become a big hit. It tastes terrific with the perfect mix of clam sauce and chili sauce, along with other spices. Another stand-out dish aside from the variety of pizza is their butter lettuce salad that is fresh and tasty, Highly recommended for vegetarian customers. Oh, and don’t forget to try their sardine escabeche tastes fantastic and so soft it melts in your mouth. For appetizers, Eggplant Vinaigrette and Green Tomatoes with Stracciatella cheese are highly recommended. For pizza, aside from the star Clam Pizza, you can also choose their Marinara and Cavolo Nero Pizza. You can select a tomato or cheese as a base for a Mortadella pizza. Bella Bruta has excellent food and service; it’s great for a casual date, catching up with friends, or family celebration.

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